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    Lakoff and Johnsonfor example, believe that, "Like other metaphors, political and economic metaphors can hide aspects of reality.

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    But in the area of politics and economics, metaphors matter more because they constrain our investi ethereum istorico. In politics, when used skilfully, metaphorical language in particular may fulfil a persuasive function Semino However, persuasion is only likely to be successful when the ground is fertile, that is when the audience is ready to be persuaded.

    Much may be achieved in this domain by appealing to people's vague sense of values. What is somewhat surprising is that when invoking equivocal terms and employing fuzzy concepts, both politicians and journalists seem to be able to tap into people's conceptual systems and gain their attention in almost inexplicable ways.

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    It appears that in multicultural countries, where values are diverse since different systems function side by side, politicians still refer to religious and patriotic values as if they were shared by the whole populations of these countries. Ultimately, through the process of legitimisation and delegitimisation, those in authority, whether moral or political, further their views and agendas by assuring their audiences that they know what is best for them.

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    In this paper, I intend to discuss certain linguistic strategies employed in the process of radicalisation. I question the very term radicalisation, which has come to be associated investi ethereum istorico fundamentalist Muslim groups, but which, in my view, should not be confined to this usage.

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    In addition, I concur with Julian Baginni The Guardian, July 13,who argued that "radicalisation is not brainwashing". Finally, an attempt will be made to demonstrate that western politicians and the press are guilty of the radicalisation of people who harbour nationalistic views, if, that is, one accepts the popular definition of radicalisation.

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